Estate Clearance

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If your loved one has passed away or is in a rest home and you need to pack up and sell the family home, we can help. We will ensure that special personal belongings are kept safe for the family and will pack and organise the rest of the home for sale.

We do not take a commission on the sale of the home’s possessions – we only charge the estate for our time. We will provide you with detailed inventories of goods sold.

We have a large team available at short notice to clear homes. We are also able to organise cleaning of the home and garden maintenance in preparation for sale.
We will liaise and provide reports to the Executors at every stage.

We currently have teams working in the greater Auckland, Hamilton and Bay of Plenty Areas.

See Janice Willis talking to Anne Batley Burton about estate clearance on the “keeping up with Champagne Lady” show

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