Downsizing and decluttering are an essential part of moving into a smaller residence and, to be successful, require a complex skillset.

Our team will bring years of experience, compassion, patience and superb negotiation skills to help you make the hard decisions about what to keep and what to sell, gift or donate.  Paired with solid processes and specialised training, we will help you sort the redundant from the essential, treasures from recyclables.

‘The decluttering was a major exercise and they managed it extremely well.’ Colleen –

Our team members have no vested interest in your things; our priority is to help you make the right decisions for you.  Wherever possible we visit your new home or retirement village and work closely with you to ensure you are taking exactly the right furniture and belongings to fit into your new home. Having moved hundreds of people into retirement villages we are very familiar with layouts and storage available.  We are even able to temporarily store goods for you until you make final decisions – you will never be pressured or rushed into making important decisions.

Janice, EA founder and owner; ‘I am committed to recruiting and retaining high quality team members with the experience, expertise and empathy to help you successfully declutter and downsize.  I am so proud of my teams and it is our proven ability to deliver this specialised service that differentiates EA from other moving companies.’

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