Hi, I’m Janice and I can clearly remember the day I came up with the idea for business, Elderly Assist.

It was April 2012 and I had my head in a cupboard full of Tupperware, helping a friend move from the family home they had lovingly occupied for many years. I wondered how the elderly, without friends or family to help, fared in the same situation.

Soon after I set up my business Elderly Assist based on that idea and a heartfelt desire to assist people who are unable to take care of the tasks associated with moving house themselves.

Twelve years and thousands of moves later, I’m still helping people downsize and declutter and I still love doing it. During this time my team has grown in size and expertise but we have all retained our passion.

Over the years friends and families of our Elderly Assist clients have asked for help with other types of house pack-ups and removals so we have expanded our services to include house clearances, deceased estates, and help for hoarders.

In the last year, we have also been helping people ‘retire at home’. This service is for elderly and retired people keen to start the process of decluttering and downsizing but who are not quite ready to move.

My team and I understand all these challenges and we work with our clients to make tough decisions as easy and stress-free as possible.

 Whatever your reasons for decluttering, moving or requiring assistance, we’d love to help you.

Kind regards