Retire at Home

Staying in your own home is not as difficult as you may have thought with the guidance of Elderly Assist.

Our new service is for elderly and retired people who are keen to start the process of decluttering and downsizing, but are not quite ready to move.

Since setting up Elderly Assist in 2012, we’ve helped thousands of people declutter, pack up and move. Recently however, we’ve noticed more of our prospective clients are wanting to stay in their homes a little longer. They are overwhelmed at the thought of moving and we’ve had more than one person say to us, ‘I just want one last summer in this house’.

Retire at Home gives people the security to do just that. Eventually our clients know they will move and we will be there to help them with that move. In the meantime, the challenge – and our priority – is to work with people to make their home safe and easy to keep living in going forward.

There may be issues with trip hazards, unreachable cupboards and over-crowding of furniture and belongings. Freeing up space makes a house safer and easier to move around, so often the first step is decluttering, something we are expert at. Our team also bring in services from companies they partner with, such as those providing medical alarms and nursing services. But that’s not all.

We work closely with people running smaller companies in the community that offer all sorts of services you might not have heard of or even thought of. Another bonus of this service is that people are then ready to move at short notice with the hardest part of the job behind them. Months, or maybe years before they actually move, we have removed all the physical, and often psychological, obstacles.

We are so much more than a moving company. We can come over every few months and do one or two projects at a time.

Nothing is too much trouble or bother for our team; we look forward to helping you Retire at Home.

With Elderly Assist’s years of experience and organizational skills at your side, we can help re-plan your home to support you in the future.

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