Once we have worked with you to successfully prepare your home for sale, we will take care of packing up and moving you to your new home.  We only use professional movers – many of whom we have worked with for years – and who we trust to take good care of your belongings. We carry full insurance in the unlikely event of anything going wrong.

Once we have moved you out of your old house we will clean it in readiness for your purchaser to move in.

Meanwhile at your new home, our team will be getting everything ready for you to move in. We will unpack and arrange your furniture and belongings including your kitchen. We will make your beds and arrange clothes, china, books and other possessions just as they were in your previous home.  We can even keep your bookcase in order!

Sometimes there is a time lag between moving out of one home and into the next.  EA has secure storage facilities available for one or two items up to an entire household’s worth.

‘For us the task of downsizing and moving our belongings into storage and then a month later moving us into an apartment seemed an insurmountable task. They handled the whole thing with great skill.’ Robert –

It may be that you haven’t decided what to do with your excess belongings or may wish to store things for future use or to give away – we have secure short and long term storage available.

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