Gifts and Donations

Wherever possible we try to sell your surplus furniture and belongings. For those things you can’t sell or would prefer to give way, we will work with you to donate to the charities of your choice.

Over the years we have built up contacts at most charities including the lesser known ones who are always very grateful to receive goods. For example, we have contacts with ladies in the community who knit clothes for premature babies and cancer sufferers. Many of our ladies who have wool to donate are very pleased to assist these charities.  We also have connections with groups who love to receive fabric to sew – curtains and clothes – for families in need.

With EA founder Janice on radio and television programmes so often, many groups have made themselves known to us and our clients love to know their belongings are going to benefit others.

‘Janice…finds wonderful charities so nothing goes to waste. I can’t recommend Janice and her team more highly.’ Kim –

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